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Purpose of CWLC

Develop leadership skills

We believe that today's Christian women have a unique opportunity to lead this next generation of women and our nation back to God. 

Christian Women’s Leadership Center exists to engage Christian women in discovering and developing their leadership gifts and skills through holistic learning experiences so they may serve effectively as God calls them in life, the marketplace, and the church.


CHRISTIAN We believe Jesus Christ, God’s Son, gave His life as a sacrifice for the salvation of all people of the world, fulfilling God’s plan for the ages as revealed in the Bible, God’s Holy Word. Seeking to reflect God’s character in all we do, we believe we are called to be active participants in God’s kingdom on earth through the various roles and responsibilities entrusted to us.
WOMEN'S We recognize and celebrate the giftedness of women and seek to assist them in developing their gifts and skills in serving Christ as they undertake leadership opportunities and responsibilities.
LEADERSHIP We consider leadership a process of influencing and empowering others to accomplish the mission of a group or an organization. The direction and the methods of the leadership process must be consistent with God’s purposes, character, and ways.
CENTER We provide holistic learning experiences, best practices, and support for Christian women in leadership. The center, an initiative of WMU® and funded, in part, by a grant from the Eleanor Terry Endowment through the WMU Foundation, is committed to pursuing excellence in lifelong learning opportunities for Christian women.