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Take the Know Your Neighbor Christian Women's Leadership Challenge!


You want to make a difference in a hurting world! You know what Jesus said: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." "Love your neighbor as yourself." But do you KNOW your neighbors? How many can you name?

Join the Know Your Neighbor Christian Women's Leadership Challenge as you continue your journey to become a transformational servant leader. 

You may participate in several ways.

  • Join our community of Christian women as we challenge you every week for nine months (August - April) to know your neighbors. It's free! Register at the Join the Know Your Neighbor Challenge button below.
  • Do you want to delve deeper in becoming a transformational servant leader? Take one $30 leadership course each month (includes course text as a PDF file within each course) and complete CWLC's Leadership Certificate Program at the end of the nine-month challenge (August - April). Register today for the first course.
  • Do you prefer a more academic course of study? Take four semesters of courses through Samford University's Ministry Training Institute. You'll complete the Certificate in Women's Leadership as you get to know your neighbors. Courses cost $199 each or $699 for all four courses. Register here.
  • Register today and start with us in August!