WMU and Samford University began the Christian Women’s Leadership Center (CWLC) in 2000 for the purpose of engaging Christian women in discovering and developing their leadership gifts and skills. Over the years, Samford has offered a minor in Christian Women’s Leadership Studies, hosted monthly CWLC luncheons, and made several attempts to build leadership training opportunities for the community at large. 

In 2013, the CWLC moved from Samford to national WMU. While the minor in Christian Women’s Leadership Studies at Samford University has been discontinued, WMU will continue to grow and promote the Center to accomplish its purpose through a variety of components. Currently, these include: 

  1. Certificate program to encourage leadership development.
  2. Monthly luncheons at national WMU to engage Christian women in the Birmingham area in leadership conversations and provide networking opportunities.
  3. A holistic internship program to provide collegiate young women real-life work experiences and opportunities to develop leadership skills.


If you would like to make a donation to help WMU further the cause of leadership, please visit the WMU Foundation site and make a donation to one of our endowments or funds.