Eleanor Terry

Dr. Eleanor Ruth Foster Terry

Dr. Terry’s earthly life ended on July 20, 1998, of complications resulting from an automobile accident on July 11 while she and her husband were attending a meeting of the Baptist World Alliance in Durban, South Africa.

Well known for her faith in Christ and the church as well as her investment in Christian women’s leadership, Dr. Terry was slated to be the first director of Christian Women’s Leadership Center (CWLC). Eleanor was involved in the planning and beginning implementation of CWLC, which began as a joint venture of the Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU®) and Samford University. Due to her untimely accident, Dr. Terry was unable to become the first director of CWLC, but her values and goals find life and breath in the core values of Christian Women’s Leadership Center.

The center, an initiative of WMU and funded, in part, by a grant from the Eleanor Terry Endowment through the WMU Foundation, is committed to pursuing excellence in lifelong learning opportunities for Christian women.

The Eleanor Terry Endowment
The Eleanor Terry Endowment for Christian Women’s Leadership supports Christian Women’s Leadership Center (CWLC). Christian Women’s Leadership Center exists to engage Christian women in discovering and developing their leadership gifts and skills through holistic learning experiences so they may serve effectively as God calls them in life, the marketplace, and the church.