Day 9: Real Grace

Read: Start by reading John 1:16–17 out loud a few times. 

“Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (John 1:16–17 NIV).

Meditate: In a friendship and in a marriage, grace is that extraordinary factor that challenges us to be more like Christ. It doesn’t overlook sin, as many may think. Instead, extending grace makes me think of a king or a queen extending a sword in a knighting ceremony. It touches in a way that makes one want to be chivalrous and live up to a knight-like standard. That’s what happens when we experience real grace. 

Moses brought God’s law to the Israelites because God graciously provided a way for the Israelites to live with His presence. Many years later, Jesus brought redemption, which was a living picture of grace and truth.

Read John 1:16–17 again.

Thank God for the grace in place of grace, which He gives freely. Praise Him because He is worthy of our praise.

A retired missionary I know has a gift of extending grace to others. Whenever I am around her, I am challenged to spend more time with God. There is something noticeably excellent about her strong and unshakable faith in Christ that draws many. 

As Christian women, we have opportunities to give grace in this hurting world.

Notice: As technology allows us to converse so quickly today, it’s interesting to look back at old letters and to see how communication methods have changed over time. Notice how Paul wrote lengthy letters to train and to encourage Christians.

His letters are full of grace and truth. He carefully addressed sin because he felt strongly that he had been called to disciple new believers. He did not want them to get offtrack in their Christian faith. 

How might you also extend grace to someone today? Consider how to encourage that person to grow as a Christian. Would you write a letter full of grace and truth to someone in order to practice extending grace to others?

Pray: As you hold a pen today, pray for a friend who needs to be drawn to Christ and receive His grace. Pray that God will give you wisdom to point them toward Christ.