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CWLC Leadership Certificate Program consists of nine four-week courses in the areas of Leadership Foundations, Leadership Formation, and Leadership Skills. Each $30 course contains the course textbook in PDF format and provides holistic interactive assignments. Participants invest three to five hours each week to complete activities with a group of participants who watch short instructional videos, converse on lively forums, and complete online reflections, quizzes, discussions, and reading assignments. Participants will take three four-week classes each semester, one from each area of study.

Participants may take each course as a stand-alone course or as a part of the Leadership Certificate Program.

Register today for Missional Living, which begins June 3!

Missional Living

 June 3 - July 3

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Do you want to know more about engaging and leading people in missional living?

In Missional Livingtaught by Dr. Melody Maxwell and Dr. Andrea Mullins, you will go on a missions journey through time and discover how to be intentionally involved in impacting today’s world for Christ.

You will:

  • Learn about the first missionaries and the meaning of missional living today.
  • Explore the early centuries and the early modern era.
  • Discover the great century of missions.
  • Understand how missional living today differs from the past.

 This $30 course begins June 3 and includes a PDF copy of Intentional Living, by Andrea Mullins

Missional Living is one of nine courses being offered in CWLC’s Certificate Program. The course may be taken as a stand-alone course, or as a part of the Leadership Certificate Program, an affordable online program of nine courses created for Christian women who want to develop their leadership skills.


  • The Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership, created by Dr. Andrea Mullins, gives participants opportunities to discover the meaning of leading with a biblical perspective based on Christian values. Real Women Leading with Proverbs 31 Values (New Hope Publishers), by Lisa Troyer and Dawn Yoder, is the course textbook. Course begins July 2
  • Leadership Theory is led by Dr. Noel Forlini. Participants consider how who they are in Christ impacts their leadership styles. The course text is Servant Leadership (New Hope Publishers), by Rhonda Kelley. Course begins August 5
  • Women Leaders from the Past, taught by Dr. Melody Maxwell, leads participants on a journey to discover the rich heritage of Christian women who have led by spreading the gospel, working for justice, using their talents, and overcoming obstacles. The Story of Lottie Moon (WMU Publishers), by Cathy Butler, is the course textbook. Register today -Course begins June 3


  • Spiritual Formation as a Leader, taught by Dr. Noel Forlini, challenges participants to look closely at the role of grace in their lives and to accept the invitation to go in the way of peace as they lead. Upside-Down Leadership (New Hope Publishers), by Taylor Field, is the course text. Course begin July 2
  • A Sense of Call to Leadership is compiled by Claudia Johnson, an emeritus missionary. This course focuses on the biblical thread of God’s call, how Jesus called specifically, and how each person is uniquely created and gifted to serve in His kingdom. The Care Effect: Unleashing the Power of Compassion (New Hope Publishers), by David Crosby, is the course textbook. Course begins August 5


  • Leader Skills: 5 Leadership Essentials for Women is taught by Dr. Linda Clark, who also compiled the course textbook, 5 Leadership Essentials for Women (New Hope Publishers). This course is a journey in self-reflection about how to improve essential areas of leadership. Course begins July 2
  • Follower Skills, taught by Danette High, an emeritus missionary, leads us on a journey to consider how the dance of leading and following flow. The course text is The Team that Jesus Built (New Hope Publishers), by Janet Thompson. Course begins August 5