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Celebrate Women’s History Month with Us!

March is Women’s History Month. Let’s celebrate by learning about how Christian women shaped our heritage as they spread the gospel, worked for social justice, used their talents, and overcame obstacles. Register today for the one-month online course, Women Leaders from the Past, which begins March 5.

Today more than ever, Christian women have opportunities to serve effectively as God calls them. By learning about women leaders from the past, we better understand the legacy these women left us to lead in life, the marketplace, and the church.

In the course Women Leaders from the Past, Dr. Melody Maxwell states, “Don’t feel overwhelmed if you feel like you could never live up to these women’s experiences. Keep in mind that they were all flawed human beings.” 

The course textbook, The Story of Lottie Moon (WMU, SBC), by Cathy Butler, captures the heart of a single woman, Lottie Moon, sold out for Jesus to the Chinese people. While giving her life to serve them, she gladly studied their culture and language. She faced the pressures to nurture new missionaries, to take care of sick missionaries, to deal with the death of missionaries in their field of service, to stand in the line of battle between her national partners and the soldiers who had come to persecute them, and many other pressures. 

Women leaders from the past left a rich heritage by spreading the gospel. Because brave Christian women boldly found ways to spread the gospel, women today find courage when God calls them to share. During the first week of the course Women Leaders from the Past, we’ll explore how women like Ann Judson, Hephzibah Jenkins, Betsey Stockton, Lottie Moon, and Annie Armstrong worked to spread the gospel. 

Women leaders from the past worked for social justice. It took brave women to stand up to social problems such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, child labor, and domestic violence. During the second week of our course, we’ll focus on women like Frances Willard, Harriet Tubman, and Pandita Ramabai and how they had courage to make great changes in their society.

Women leaders from the past used their talents. In week three of the course, we will learn about women like Julian of Norwich, Anne Steele, Ida Scudder, and Eliza Davis who used their talents to lead. Susanna Wesley used the talents God gave her as a homemaker and homeschool teacher to lead by raising great men of faith. 

Women leaders from the past overcame obstacles. Many laws now uphold the rights of people who have disabilities and learning challenges, but in the past it was an even greater struggle for women to overcome such obstacles. During week four, we’ll look closely at some of these women. 

Christian women today are able to celebrate many types of freedom that women leaders from the past did not have. Voices of women today can be clearly heard through social media and other means without being limited by their occupation or place of work. 

How has God called you to spread the gospel? Are there social problems you feel compelled to change? In what ways might God use you to share your talents? What obstacles do you have to overcome? Join us on this one-month journey through 2,000 years of church history as we celebrate Women’s History Month.

—Claudia Johnson, CWLC leadership consultant