Build a Strong Foundation for Leadership in 2018

Foundations matter. When a child throws a temper tantrum we may watch in judgement, but a leader doing the same disturbs us. Whether we call them principles or foundations for leading, we expect leaders to know how to exhibit leadership traits that promote excellence.

We expect even more of Christian leaders. Yet, many have not focused on biblical and theological foundations.

Where are your foundations of leadership?

  • Do you build your leadership foundation in the pursuit of power? Leaders who pressure others with power will find themselves followed because of the position only. In The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell reminds us that we can look at those who follow to determine how one leads. When leaders coerce by power, their influence may cause projects to be completed, yet their positive influence is diminished. As Christians, we should reflect God’s character as we lead by deferring to God’s power.
  • Do you build your leadership foundation on obtaining wealth? Many spend endless hours in the pursuit of money only to find that it leaves them feeling empty and lacking purpose. They misunderstand the point of leadership, which is to invest in developing others. Leaders may use wealth to help provide for God’s people, but it should not serve as a measure of success.
  • Do you build your leadership foundation by flaunting your knowledge? We know that education matters. However, education should be a tool in leadership rather than a title. We know people who find significance in their titles rather than using their knowledge to develop others. As these leaders puff themselves up and flaunt their rich vocabulary, they often distance themselves from the very people God would have them serve.
  • Do you build your leadership with a biblical and theological foundation? In The Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership, Dr. Andrea Mullins challenges online participants to seek God’s assessment rather than what the world calls success. When leaders participate in God’s purposes, they will find significance in serving God and serving others.

Do you need to inspect your leadership foundation?

Register today for a four-week online course, The Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership, where we will carefully inspect our leadership values as we look closely at our leadership foundation.

Claudia Johnson, CWLC Leadership Consultant