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Lonely but Not Alone


It’s that time of year: school is starting again, and women are preparing for the changes that a new school year brings. At home it means homework, projects, sports, activities, and packing lunches and water bottles. At work it means changes in customers, traffic, and many other things.

For me as the mother of two school-age boys, the biggest change is that the sound of children in my home will be gone for at least 6 hours each weekday.

Changing Lives in a Hurting World: Do you want to take part in what He is doing?

When a Christian woman finds herself leading, she will be wise to consider God’s purpose. It’s possible for her to completely separate her identity with Christ and lead like any other woman might lead, and by doing so, she’ll do herself and those around her a disservice. She might even lose the opportunity to be part of a wonderful plan God has to change the lives of those who work with her.

Shouldn’t a Christian leader lead differently? If not, why not? 

My (not-so-little) Sphere of Influence

I shifted my weight in my chair during lunch as the speaker encouraged us to consider our roles and write down our circles of influence on a sheet of paper. Well this won’t take long, I thought to myself.

My paper ended up with wife, family member, friend, and employee scribbled shyly and slowly so those around me wouldn’t be able to tell how short it was.