November 2017

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Welcome CWLC Advocates

CWLC Advocates, we have some great news! 

Today, I mailed three Leadership Certificate Program certificates! Let's congratulate Kim Widner, Claudean Boatman, and Donna Trusty! We have also had Cathy Terrell and Kathleen Morris who have recently completed their courses.

Lately, I've been covered in paint! Things have been a little quiet on the website, but we have some exciting things in the works!

Generous or Stingy? Do you give away encouraging words?

We took our one-year-old grandson for his first ride on the Reindeer Carousel in our mall last Thursday. Many people don’t like the commercialism of the Christmas season and the fact that the Reindeer Carousel was already up and running on November 9. But I like this early reminder that Christmas is fast approaching, which causes me to ponder life, giving, and Christ’s return.