June 2017

Purpose of CWLC
Develop leadership skills

We believe that today's Christian women have a unique opportunity to lead this next generation of women and our nation back to God. 

Christian Women’s Leadership Center exists to engage Christian women in discovering and developing their leadership gifts and skills through holistic learning experiences so they may serve effectively as God calls them in life, the marketplace, and the church.


Christian Women’s Leadership Center connects like-minded women who deeply desire to develop their leadership skills. Enjoy learning alongside others who share common interests and leadership experiences. Find dates and other details for upcoming events and luncheons.

Linda Cooper

“Throughout this course, I have learned many meaningful things. To go in peace . . . ahhh, how comforting that is, because God is with us and will never leave us."

Cheryl Hatfield

“I feel like I am a preacher taking a seminary class but I don’t have to take an exam, pay tuition, write a paper, or stress out over expectations. I’ve always wanted to further my education by attending a Christian university or college but it is very costly and time consuming. At this season of my life, these courses fit perfectly into God’s direction for me. Each class has taught me so much about my Lord, myself, and others. What I learned can be applied to all areas of ministry. Thank you for this resource that any woman can afford and take at her leisure in her own home or on the go.